Water & Well Testing

Why Get the Water Tested?

Before you purchase your new home, you need to know that your water is safe for your family to drink, bathe in, and cook with. With the water problems in Flint, Michigan and several other areas of the country, having your water tested to be sure it is safe is more important than ever.

How Does It Work?

Our home inspector will collect the water sample on site and deliver it to an independent lab. Our inspector will meet with the lab tech and discuss the details of the sample, including the time the sample was collected, which faucet was used, the supply source, the surrounding areas etc.

The lab tech will analyze the sample, looking into the microbiology and testing for E. coli as well as performing a filter survey for iron, PH, tannins, hardness, and turbidity. There are multiple parts to the tests and you will be provide with the well, health, and drinking water survey. They will also test for lead, nitrates, and total coliform bacteria.